World Mapper This site allows you to map data across the globe for a visual representation of statistics.

GAP Minder A Swedish foundation that provides facts, different perspectives on world issues, and teaching resources.

US Energy Outlook

Department of Education – University Rankings US Department of Education site.


Academy of Management US based body of academics working in different areas of management.

Center For Simplified Strategic Planning Some useful information to make you think about strategy.

Strategic Planning Society

Academy of International Business

Online Publications

This site has a focus on Competitive Intelligence

McKinsey Quarterly Articles put out by McKinsey, a consulting firm.

Sloan Management Review

Strategy & Business

The CEO Refresher – A collection of articles some of which deal with general management issues

Web sites of interest for International Business

These are usually reliable sources of data and also research-based articles.

The World Trade Organization

The World Bank

The International Monetary Fund

The Federation of International Trade Associations

Central Intelligence Agency Factbook

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

US International Trade Commission

US Dept of Commerce statistics (economic news, trade info, etc.):

Yale Center for the Study of Globalization

Transparency International (Data of corruption) :

United Nations

United Nations Development Program

United Nations Conference on Trade and Development

Bank of International Settlements

www.nationmaster.com Great for making comparisons between countries. Make your own charts!

www.globaledge.msu.edu Useful source run by Michigan State University. Free registration.

Center on Global Energy Policy, Columbia University.

PhD programs in Global Studies which have a multidisciplinary orientation and are in English.

University of California, Santa Barbara.

Humboldt University, Berlin. 

Stanford University, California.

Sophia University, Tokyo.

University of North Carolina, Greensboro.

European College of Liberal Studies, Zurich. 

University of Urbino, Italy.

Industry focused books.

A business competes within one industry. The story of how an industry has evolved globally and the challenges it faces today can be fun to read! Here are a few.

Rappaport, Erika. 2017. A thirst for empire: How tea shaped the modern world. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press. (The tea industry.)

Foer, Franklin. 2010. How soccer explains the world: An unlikely theory of globalization, NY: Harper Perennial.

Yergin, Daniel. 2011. The quest: Energy, security and the remaking of the modern world. NY: Penguin.