Books I have published

Strategize! Experiential exercises in strategic management

4th. edition, 2014, (with J. Siciliano). ISBN:978-1-133-95337-1

Active learning exercises promote critical thinking and decision making skills as well as a thorough understanding of strategic management concepts. The dominant pedagogy for teaching strategic management has been business cases. This book widens the portfolio by providing experiential exercises that can be used in a class or training session to demonstrate the application of key theories and frameworks in the field of designing and implementing strategy. Each session makes a complete turn through the active learning cycle of thought, action, feedback and assessment. An accompanying detailed instructor’s manual helps the conduct of the exercise to maximize the learning benefits.

This book is a translation of Strategize! in Mandarin Chinese.

Globalization: A multidimensional system, Dec 2018 (3ed), EdwardElgar, UK.

Globalization is more than a buzzword; it is a complex and evolving process that continually reshapes our environment. The book argues that the economy, social, business, political and physical domains capture the multidimensional attributes of globalization. It provides an ACE framework built on the principles of systems analysis to enable analysis of issues that arise in the context of globalization and help us devise a set of actions in response.


Managing in a Globalized World ICFAI University Press, 2003.

This book is a collection of articles published in the Business Line. The articles cover a range of issues including regional trading agreements, corporate governance, leadership, the workplace, conflict resolution, and the marketplace. Directed at managers, the focus is on drawing usable lessons from theory that would be applicable in practice.