A hairdresser, barber, saloon, or what?

When I asked Hari what time his barber shop opens, he asked me, ‘Why? You don’t need a hair cut.’ The barbers also wonder why I walk into their shop. When I sit in my Arlington barber’s chair (a 2-seater with one barber), he finishes his job within a few minutes, then keeps hovering around trying to find places to work on. He must be feeling guilty for charging me his rate of $16 for so little time spent on my head.

I prefer barber shops with male barbers. They know how to use that scissor/comb the way it should be used. Women barbers tend to clutch clumps of hair and snip them, not gradually work the comb as it progresses up the back of your head giving you that cool feeling as the hair falls off and the air hits your scalp. Continue Reading

Corruption – the good encourage it!

When we think of corruption, we visualize a sleazy individual taking advantage of his or her position and power to exploit a situation for personal gain. This person does not moral standards, as compared to those who are honest and do not take bribes.

What if the good people who do not take bribes create the conditions for corruption to thrive? I’m talking of a segment of the good, namely, those who are honest but inefficient or ineffective. They are time servers, who turn up for work, log in their 8 hours, and collect their salary. If you end up sitting in front of one of them (provided you find the person in office), you would know what I mean. They will quote you a rule why they cannot do something you ask. The forms you have brought are incomplete, they say. In box 4, you need have entered the date format incorrectly. Too bad, you need to come again tomorrow because office is closing in 10 mins. You turn up the next day and find he is on leave. Continue Reading